Rakuten Monkeys × Xpure Anit-PM2.5 Series
Rakuten Monkeys × Xpure Anit-PM2.5 Series
Rakuten Monkeys × Xpure Anit-PM2.5 Series
Rakuten Monkeys × Xpure Anit-PM2.5 Series

淨對流 Xpure

Rakuten Monkeys × Xpure Anit-PM2.5 Series

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Come on, Peach Monkey!
As early as 2018, Lamigo cooperated with Net Convection to launch a limited edition anti-turban. It was very pleasant to cooperate with the Peach Monkey Ball Team. In addition, during the cooperation period, I often attended home games. During the process, I fully felt the enthusiasm and unity of the Taoyuan team and fans, and was deeply moved. In the end, Xpure joined the ranks of official sponsors of Rakuten Momomon in the 2021 football season and became one of the No. 10 teammates.

Air-tight shaping strip on the nose side: the shaping strip is built into the nose
The headscarf can be firmly fixed on the nose, greatly improving the air tightness!
Variation:Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Blue

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About Lotte Tao Yuan - The intractable disease of the joint model

Lotte masks and Elite & All-fit have the same specifications except for the different fabrics. The filter material is Xpure Inside G2, which complies with Taiwan’s anti-haze mask CNS15980 specification (level B). The lining uses Sportingtex moisture-wicking lining, supplemented by American DuPont SILVARDUR antibacterial treatment. Meets international standards - American Textile Association AATCC-100 antibacterial requirements.

The filter material of the Lotte headscarf is the same as the V1.1 version, using Xpure Inside G1, while the headband body material is the same as the V2.0, using Coolbest II, and the touch is close to Lycra elastic cloth. The lining uses a Sportingtex moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking layer, supplemented by American DuPont SILVARDUR antibacterial treatment, which meets the international standard - American Textile Association AATCC-100 antibacterial requirements. This hybrid version was launched because after actual use by Lotte and its players, they felt that the V1.1 version had a softer lining and could improve comfort during exercise, so the V1.1 version was finally adopted. In addition, due to process limitations, the V1.1 format cannot be applied to G2 filter media, so G1 filter media is used.

Lotte co-branded masks and headscarves are currently available for purchase at two stores at Lotte Baseball Stadium in Taoyuan. If there are other physical stores in the future, the information will be updated.

The recommended number of cleanings is 200 times. The average person washes it about three days or once a week, so it can be used for about two years without any problem. The recommended cleaning method is "gentle hand washing". After all, the cleaning intensity of the washing machine in everyone's home is different. In addition, you can add general neutral detergent (cold detergent, hand soap, shower gel, etc.) to assist cleaning, or you can wring it out and dry it, but do not dry or iron it!
If you still want to wash it in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a laundry bag for protection, and set the cleaning and dehydration modes to soft wash, which will be safer. In addition, please be careful not to twist the wire on the upper edge of the mask too much when wringing it out to avoid the wire from breaking due to improper stress.

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