Vol.4_Net Convection 2017 New Plain Style-Dithering

With the evolution of fashion, clothing accessories will not only change their styles, but also their colors.

2017 new design plain color model released!

Style introduction:

(Concept derived from - Lapis Lazuli Blue, Lapis)

The blue lines running through the black and gray are like a stream passing through the ancient rock plate, and like the mature tie you saw on your father's chest when you were a child, making people feel reassured, calm and profound.

(Concept originated from - Nigara Blue, Nigara)

Dark blue and light blue alternate with bright yellow thin lines. From a distance, it has the denim style that has become popular in the streets recently. From a close look, it looks like broken waves on the coast, reflecting the dancing yellow moonlight, giving people a lively and lively look. The feeling symbolizes the independent and brave spirit of young people.

(Concept originated from - Island paradise green, Island paradise)

The lake water is alternately green and light, with a touch of goose yellow, which reminds people of the southern islands. The sunlight reflects blue or green light among the coral reefs, as if walking on the cold water on the light yellow beach, fresh, elegant and lazy. The best masterpiece of both.

(Concept derived from - Flame Red, Flame)

Orange and purple-red alternate with sky-blue lines. A closer look shows the gradient of flames from the inside to the outside. Looking a little further away, it reminds people of the emotion of walking through mountains and rivers with friends in their student days and watching the sunset dye the sky red. It is a delicate orange-red color, a warm but not overly passionate passion.

Revision process of plain color models – brief introduction

During the fund-raising period, we once launched a plain color model with only a single color. However, due to consumer feedback, the plain color model was too monotonous and lacked a sense of design at a closer look. Therefore, after evaluation, we decided to stop selling the plain color model and Started improving the plain color model.

Our improvements focus on the following three points:

Key Point 1: Use 2017 Pantone popular colors as design reference for plain color models

With the evolution of fashion, clothing accessories will not only change their styles, but also their colors. The following is an example of the most popular lake green color system in recent years: Although it is a similar color system, it is slightly adjusted every year according to the popularity.

As we can see from the picture above, the popular lake green color is actually different every year. Below we list the popular Pantone colors of 2017:

Based on the popular colors in the picture above, we actually made several samples of headscarves in different colors and then selected the colors.

Point 2: Considering the skin color of Asians, the key is not to appear dark/sallow

The world-famous magic headscarves are all from European and American countries (EX: BUFF, HAD). Many headscarf patterns are designed to make white people's skin look like a healthy wheat color, but this is not suitable for Asians, so we Pay special attention to this point when picking colors. Finally, we used the 2017 Pantone popular colors as the basic concept and then adjusted them to launch four colors that are most suitable for Asian skin tones:

Key point three: Use Dithering image processing technology to make plain colors more layered and designed.

We understand the low-key charm of plain-colored models, and we also understand that there is indeed a gap in texture between previous plain-colored models compared to designer models. In order to allow the plain color model to bring out its charm and incorporate "emotional" design elements, we decided to use the concept of Dithering as the main design axis after half a year of testing.

What is Dithering image processing technology?

Broadly speaking, "Dithering" means using n color pixels to mix n+1 color changes. For example, at first glance, the image below has many different shades of gray, but if you zoom in, you will see that there are only black, white and one gray pixels. Different density arrangements are used to create multiple levels of gray when viewed from a distance. Level, and this is the concept of "network points" commonly used in comic books~

In the same way, we can use small lines of multiple colors arranged in different thicknesses to make the colors richer and less monotonous when viewed up close, and when viewed from a distance, the colors are mixed into the overall color we want. The picture below takes the newly revised plain "Sunset" as an example:

Similar to the above image processing principle, we will use the Dithering technology to translate the four selected overall colors as shown below, and add a color-hopping logo in the lower right corner that suits their style and personality, thus completing the latest version of the plain color model of Net Convection. Magic headscarf!

2017 new version of the actual finished product photos of the plain color model: