Company Profile

We are Moonana Design, founded by a number of graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University, dedicated to product design, research and development, and manufacturing.

In 2013, "Mask Anti-fog Airtight Patch" was the first self-sold product.
Since then, the team has continued to grow, and its research on mask products has become increasingly sophisticated.
Therefore, the brand "Net Convection Xpure" was established and is dedicated to the development of air protection related products.

In 2022, Munei Design established the new brand "Scientific Research and Selection Crosign".
We hope to uphold the spirit of scientific experimentation, tear away the layers of marketing rhetoric on behalf of consumers, and use objective data to present the quality of product functions.

Munei Design also undertakes various types of "product development commissions".
Including textile products, electronic products, medical equipment, daily necessities...etc.
Since the company was founded, it has completed the development of more than 80 products for customers, and has accumulated a database of more than 200 domestic and foreign suppliers of various materials and processing methods.
​Able to quickly find product solutions for customers and establish a complete supply chain.


Breathing is a kind of convection. The brand purpose of Net Convection is to provide clean breathing convection.

Xpure. Among them, "X" is the abbreviation of "extremely", so Xpure means "extremely pure".

The core technology of net convection is " repeatable water-washable filtration technology - Xpure inside ".
Different from general disposable products, the characteristics of net convection and water-washable filter materials combine filtration technology with various fabrics.
​Make raw and cold respiratory protection products elegant and warm.

Logo design

In the design of the logo, the font uses italics and breakpoints to express a sense of technology and fluidity. The circular totem, which looks like a tilted "X" from a distance, is actually a unit of intertwined fabric fibers and contains arrows representing convection.​

The central idea of ​​net convection is: " air protection aesthetics ". We hope to use the most practical scientific spirit to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic design, giving you the purest air convection. With net convection products, every breath you take is protected by us!

Core technology Xpure Inside

Xpure Inside: Washable filtration technology for environmental sustainability

Net Convection understands that preventing air pollution must start from the source, so on the premise of reducing non-recyclable disposable mask waste,
Committed to developing repeatable water-washable filtration technology - Xpure inside.
Products using Xpure inside filtration technology not only protect the user's respiratory health, but also protect the environment.