Premium Mask Lanyard
Premium Mask Lanyard
Premium Mask Lanyard
Premium Mask Lanyard

淨對流 Xpure

Premium Mask Lanyard

Sale price$180
  • When the mask is not worn temporarily, it can be hung on the chest for easy storage and avoid falling.
  • Adjustable buckle to adjust the size of the collar.
  • Put on the mask and tighten the adjustment ring of the neck strap to release pressure in the ears. You can also completely loosen the ear straps of the mask to make the mask a head-wearing style.

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common problem

Difficulties and miscellaneous problems about special neck straps for masks

Yes, you can use either cloth masks or disposable masks!

To put it simply, the Shuer belt has the same functions as the neck strap. Due to the length of the ear strap, the mask can only be put on the neck, while the neck strap can hang the mask on the chest, and has an adjustment ring to easily adjust it to the most comfortable length. In addition, the materials used in the neck strap are strong and durable. Compared with the simple felt felt of the ear strap, the neck strap can be used for a longer period of time, is less likely to deteriorate and chip, and of course the appearance is more fashionable and stylish.

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