Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor
Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor

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Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor

Sale price$1,390
1. Precision | Industrial Laser Sensor, Precision Detection
2. Sensitive | air flow optimization, instantaneous response
3. Economizing | precisely check whether the filter needs to be replaced or not.
4. Budgeting | cut unnecessary features, amazingly low price
5. Portable | Built-in high-grade lithium battery, lightweight and portable
6. Durable | Optimized circuitry, no leakage, strong battery life
7. Easy to Use | Single button design, easy to use.


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Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor

Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor is priced at a kid's price and challenges industrial-grade accuracy.

The purifier prompts you to change the filter. Do you really need to change it?

It's a bit foggy outside the window, can I open the window?

Is the range hood really powerful enough during the cooking process?

Little Brick can answer these questions for you immediately!

Little Brick - PM2.5 sensor Every home should have an air manager

Should the filter be replaced? Little Brick has the final say!

Measuring in one second, faithfully showing the true life span of the filter.
Helping you save thousands of dollars in consumables every year!

Is the air good? Little Brick has the final say!

Do I need to turn on the range hood when using an air fryer?

How big a window should I open to make the air quality worse?

How strong should the purifier be to make the air good enough?

PM2.5 is an internationally certified first-level carcinogen!
With little brick, you no longer have to be suspicious.
Measures in one second and faithfully displays the ambient PM2.5 concentration.

Feature 1 - 雷射精準



Feature 2 - 電力耐久



Feature 3 - 價格親民









Type C 充電頭,家家都有

Scientific evaluation & competitive product analysis

We bought several air detectors with higher volume on the Internet and used them with a relatively high-end particle counter (HT9600) to conduct particle detection experiments in a closed space . We measured PM2.5 from high concentrations to low concentrations. The following is a video of the experiment With comparison chart:

Knowing whether the air is good or not is more important than you think!

Specification Table

Dimensions: 81 x 50 x 37 mm
Weight: 106g
Voltage: 5V/0.1A
Battery capacity: 1200mAh lithium battery Measurement target: PM2.5 concentration (ug/m3)
Measuring particle range: 0.3um~10um (MMD)
Measuring concentration range: 0~999 ug/m3
Measurement resolution: 1 ug/m3
Measurement accuracy: < ±10%
Working temperature: 0~50℃
Storage temperature: -20~70℃

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