Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3

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Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Beauty G3

Sale price$590
  • Uses Xpure Inside G2 washable anti-haze filter material.
  • The lining is made of "collagen yarn" from Taiwanese brand "UMORFIL", which can lock in moisture for a long time and is skin-friendly and breathable.
  • Passed Japanese anti-odor certification, long-lasting antibacterial and anti-odor.
  • UPF50+ is the highest level of UV resistance.
  • Premium quality specially selected table cloth.
  • Small face contouring cut.

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▲ Beauty G3 產品形象影片


▲ Beauty G3 產品細節完整揭露!官方開箱影片

Anti-haze cloth mask


The latest model [Beauty] combines collagen peptide technology and is the world’s only cloth mask that “anti-haze on the outside and moisturizing on the inside”

PM2.5 is an internationally certified first-level carcinogen! Faced with the dangers of air pollution, there are very few masks on the market that can effectively protect against it.
The net convection anti-haze fabric mask improves the shortcomings of the above-mentioned masks and retains the advantages. It effectively blocks PM2.5, is washable repeatedly and requires no consumables, and is comfortable, soft and easy to breathe.

General medical masks

Anti-droplet germs, not airtight, not washable

3M cloth mask

Washable, warm and resistant to PM2.5

PITTA foam mask

Good appearance, breathable and resistant to PM2.5

N95 mask

Resistant to PM2.5
Not washable, not resistant to oily particles

Xpure Inside G3

核心技術 01













核心技術 02

膠原胜肽美膚纖維 - 保濕/消臭/親膚








專利導入 - DCP鑽石接點

Diamond Contact Points

微型網格支架 - 超音波熔接裡布


▲ DCP實測影片-吸氣不塌陷



The perfect combination of elegant outer fabric and collagen lining makes the mask not only anti-haze and moisturizing, but also a matching accessory that highlights the charm of women.


01 小臉修飾剪裁


02 減壓舒適耳帶


03 低調奢華感表布


04 櫻花粉色裡布


Knot-free quick adjustment of tightness

The safety silicone ring can be quickly adjusted without spending time re-tying knots. It can be adjusted while wearing a mask.









common problem

Questions about Beauty G3

The Beauty model uses Xpure inside G2 filter material (CNS15980 Grade B), while the basic model uses Xpue inside G1 filter material (CNS15980 Grade D). Therefore, the Beauty model is better than the basic model in terms of filtering effect! Of course, both can also withstand 200 washes.

The Beauty model is an upgraded version of the basic model. Its upgrade points are as follows:​​

  1. Beauty uses Xpure nano protective layer-G2 filter material
  2. Using collagen peptide cherry blossom powder lining, it has skin-friendly and moisturizing effects, and is antibacterial, deodorant and anti-UV.
  3. The surface cloth materials are different. The general model is twill cloth (six colors), and the Beauty model has four types: satin black, woolen gray, dry rose, and cream hazelnut.
  4. The logos are different. The regular model is electro-embroidered, while the Beauty model has plush hard-sewn logos for improved texture.
  5. The styles are different. The lower edge curve of the Beauty model is pulled upwards, giving it a more visual effect on small faces.
  6. The ear straps are different. The Beauty model uses cylindrical pressure-reducing structure ear straps, which are more comfortable, durable and not easy to age.

The Beauty model comes in one size, which is the same size as the All-fit model M. Please refer to the All-fit model webpage .

Boys can use it as long as they don't mind the pink lining, and there is no distinction between male and female versions.

The ear straps of the Beauty model are made of elastic fabric woven in a tubular shape. They do not contain glue, so they are less likely to deteriorate. However, the elasticity will gradually become worse. After all, it is physically too demanding for elastomers to maintain their elasticity permanently. . Therefore, the ear straps of the Beauty model are also removable and can be replaced by yourself. Replacement earbands can be purchased on Net Convection’s official website and PChome! For replacement methods, please refer to the instructional video or instructional page on the disassembly and assembly of earbands and loops .

As shown in the picture below, please use iron wire (hairpins or paper clips, etc.) to pass through the hole of the collar first, then wrap the wire around the two ear straps, and then pull the wire and the two ear straps out of the hole of the collar and you are done. Or you can refer to the instructional videos or instructional pages we shot.

The recommended number of cleanings is 200 times. The average person washes it about three days or once a week, so it can be used for about two years without any problem. The recommended cleaning method is "gentle hand washing". After all, the cleaning intensity of the washing machine in everyone's home is different. In addition, you can add general neutral detergent (cold detergent, hand soap, shower gel, etc.) to assist cleaning, or you can wring it out and dry it, but do not dry or iron it!
If you still want to wash it in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a laundry bag for protection, and set the cleaning and dehydration modes to soft wash, which will be safer. In addition, please be careful not to twist the wire on the upper edge of the mask too much when wringing it out to avoid the wire from breaking due to undue stress.

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