Vol. 10_Anti-haze magic headscarf V2.0 new color-Geometric light and shadow series

We decided to take "future world" as the design direction.
Vol.9_The number of lung cancer patients among non-smokers is increasing. Can air pollution also cause lung cancer? Reading Vol. 10_Anti-haze magic headscarf V2.0 new color-Geometric light and shadow series 3 minutes
The 2019 [Anti-Haze Magic Headband V2.0] adopts many new technologies, including "Xpure Inside G2" and "MCS Micro-Cavity System". Therefore, when designing the headscarf pattern, we have been thinking about how to convey a high-tech and high-tech feeling in the pattern, but not too cold or high-minded.

After some thinking, we decided to take "Future World" as the design direction.

But the future world is easy to say, but difficult to express. Fortunately, through an accidental attempt, we discovered that the light and shadow of a building under different weather conditions, including its own lights or the sky reflected by the building's curtains, are very beautiful elements. Moreover, the shape of modern architecture itself has a full sense of "technology". The arrangement and stacking of geometric shapes, combined with the surrounding light and shadow, with a little modification and splicing, will become a unique style picture, and it will closely match the "future world" ” Gives people reverie.

After many adjustments and screenings, we finally selected three models. These three models are a combination of geometry, light and shadow, and the color system avoids positive colors and uses border colors such as yellow-green, blue-green, and indigo to present a sense of the future that escapes nature. They are introduced one by one below:

[Mint Light Shuttle] The searchlights of tall towers at night are used as the pattern base for splicing. The mint green light and shadow overlap, resembling a laser array, hence the name Light Shuttle.
[Lime Strings] The curtain of the building at dusk reflects the railroad tracks and road trees dyed yellow by the setting sun, stacked on top of each other, like strings slowly strumming old love songs.
[Blueberry Film] There are still a few lights in the commercial building at midnight, and the decorative lights and people working overtime turn into irregular blue embellishments on the black film.

What makes this pattern different from the past is that it has a strong sense of "popularity" and closely follows the futuristic trend launched by various international sports brands. Coupled with our splicing creativity, these three patterns designed are absolutely unprecedented. See, cool and beautiful at the same time!

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