Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro
Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro

淨對流 Xpure

Anti-PM2.5 Headwear V3.0 Pro

Sale price$1,350

Create quality craftsmanship with ingenuity
Because of black, we care more about every little detail.

  • Dip-dyed coloring, extremely pure black inside and outside
  • Equipped with Xpure Inside G3, it can be washed 200 times without consumables
  • The single use cost is only 4.4~6.8 yuan.
  • Fully thermal bonding and precision manufacturing process, the entire headscarf is seamless and smooth and beautiful.
  • The industry's first "replaceable" nose pressure strip improves air tightness.
  • The patented design "folding three-dimensional structure" supports the breathing space and eliminates pressure on the nose.
  • MCS micro-cavity structure lining, three-dimensional acceleration of sweat removal and increased breathability.
  • Hidden ear straps will not slip off during strenuous exercise.
  • UPF 50+ anti-UV, silver ion antibacterial and deodorant, 3M moisture wicking and enhanced treatment.


New stock arrival!

"Anti-haze Magic Headband PRO-Ultra Black V3.0" new product has arrived and is now on sale!

common problem

Regarding the difficult and complicated diseases of anti-burial magic headscarf-extremely black version V3.0

There are five main differences:

  1. The color of the extremely black version is dyed, and the inner and outer sides of the headscarf have a full color (black). Generally, scarves are printed by sublimation. Only the outside has patterns and the inside is white.
  2. The MCS micro-cavity structure lining is used to quickly eliminate moisture and keep breathing smooth no matter how much you sweat.
  3. The nano protective layer of the ultra-black model is combined with the headscarf using thermal lamination technology. It has a smooth appearance, is delicate and beautiful, and will not cause the seam holes to expand after being pulled.
  4. The ultra-black V3.0's nano-protective layer has Net Convection's original "folded three-dimensional structure", which naturally supports the breathing space and greatly reduces nose pressure.
  5. The extremely black model V3.0 has a built-in molding strip on the bridge of the nose, which is the only "replaceable strip" design on the market. Better air tightness and better durability. If it breaks, just replace it.

The filter material of the ultra-black model V3.0 uses the latest generation "Xpure inside G3", which is better than the filter material of the anti-haze magic headscarf V1.1 (G1 filter material) and V2.0 (G2 filter material). G3 filter material has passed CNS15980 Grade A, which is the highest level of anti-haze certification. It is more resistant to water washing and has lower respiratory impedance.

The fabric of the magic headscarf is white, so if sublimation printing is used for coloring, only the surface of the headscarf will have color, and the inside will still be white with some micro-surface penetrating pigments. Therefore, when wearing a magic headscarf, discerning people will pay special attention to whether the inner layer is everted to avoid the white everted color affecting the overall design of the headscarf.

However, dip-dying involves immersing the entire headscarf in the pigment, so both the inner and outer layers can be colored evenly. The color saturation and uniformity are better, and there is no problem of eversion damaging the vision. In addition, because each strand of wool is dyed black, the lint caused by friction after washing becomes less conspicuous, allowing the headscarf to maintain a new look and not show signs of wear.

The overall appearance of the headscarf can be made smoother and smoother, and there will be no abrupt seams on the outside. And without a full circle of sutures, there will be no problem of the seams opening and becoming larger due to pulling on the headscarf. As for the functional part, thermal lamination allows the nose shaping strip to be hidden but smoothly hidden on the inside of the headscarf. It also utilizes the toughness of the glue and fabric, combined with the design of structural mechanics, so that the inner modification cloth can support the breathing space. Function!

  1. People who feel that the original Magic Bandana does not have good air tightness on the nose side, but do not want to use an anti-fog airtight patch.
  2. People who feel that the breathing space of the original Magic Bandana is not large enough and want to breathe easier.
  3. People who feel that the original magic headscarf will have white lint problems after being used for a period of time, making it look old.
  4. Office workers who commute by bicycle or motorcycle every day, because black is versatile, so people who don’t want to worry about matching problems.
  5. People who like low-key style, mature and stable, but also care about exquisite texture.

It is recommended to wash it by hand, and you can use neutral detergent (general shower gel, hand soap, cold detergent, mild soap) to assist cleaning. You can wring it dry by hand, but please avoid the bead area to avoid twisting the bead. If you want to wash it in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a laundry bag (hard-shell type is better for underwear), and it is recommended to set it to "gentle wash" to avoid the powerful washing machine from destroying the nano protective layer.

OK. Special aluminum battens can be purchased on Net Convection’s official website and Shopee stores. When replacing the batten, please first use the openings on the left and right sides of the batten channel to pull out the broken batten, and then slowly insert the new batten to the bottom. After the entire batten has entered the batten channel, adjust it to the center. Friends who are not sure how to do it can refer to the instructional video.

Black is indeed easier to absorb heat, but because the area of ​​​​the headscarf is much smaller than clothes and pants, it will not have a decisive impact on the body temperature. In other words, if the weather is very hot and you are wearing dark clothes, then wearing a light-colored or black magic headscarf will not make much difference. In addition, the ultra-black model also uses DuPont's Coolmax fabric from the United States, which is moisture-wicking and breathable, and can effectively balance the heat storage effect caused by black.

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