Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete
Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete

淨對流 Xpure

Anti-PM2.5 Sports Mask - Athlete

Sale price$2,500

# Net Convection cooperated with the National Sports University and obtained 6.5 million yuan in pre-orders through crowdfunding!

  • The national patented XFLO system can completely block exhaled heat and carbon dioxide, achieving the world's only "zero stuffiness" effect!
  • Designed specifically for high-intensity exercise, it has no batteries, is easy to clean, and is comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Equipped with Xpure Inside G3 filter material, a patented N95 grade filter material that can be washed 200 times and does not need to be replaced.
  • The single-use cost is only 12.5 yuan, providing a comfortable and safe sports experience.
  • It has passed the CNS15980 national anti-haze certification level A and the highest level of the American ASTM medical mask standard.
  • Three-point fixation means there is no force on the ears, and it is stable and will not fall off even during intense exercise.

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Athlete mask instruction video

common problem

Have you received the product but have any "operation" problems with the product? You can click here to watch the product instruction video

The Athlete model belongs to the Xpure inside G3 filter material. It is the latest version of the filter material. Compared with the net convection All-fit model, Beauty model, Urban model, and Elite model G2 filter media, it has better filtration efficiency, more resistance to water washing, and breathability. Lower impedance, thinner thickness, etc. It meets the CNS15980 national anti-haze standard and is newly manufactured to Grade A, and has passed the highest level of the American ASTM medical mask standard. It can be washed repeatedly 200 times and still maintains good performance. It is environmentally friendly and has no consumables. It not only protects itself, but also reduces environmental pollution. ( Please click here to view the relevant inspection report of the filter material )

First of all, not only medical masks can prevent epidemics, but also industrial masks such as American N95, EU FFP, and Taiwan CNS15980 (anti-PM2.5). Please click here to read the FDA’s instructions . In addition, net convection masks not only pass CNS15980 anti-haze level A certification, but also have a filtration efficiency of CNS15980 level D or above after being washed 200 times. At the same time, the net convection mask has also obtained the American ASTM standard, with VFE (virus filtration efficiency), BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), and PFE (particle filtration efficiency) all reaching over 99%, so please feel free to wear it. Please click here to view all relevant test reports.

It won't all get wet. This mask has a bracket inside and an edge on the outside. There is basically no contact between the face and the lining of the mask, so the mask will not get completely wet. Even if the mask accidentally gets completely wet, because only the inhalation will pass through the filter material, and the exhalation will be guided away, plus there is enough inhalation space, many tests have shown that even if the mask is completely wet, it will not affect breathing!

No, you can also exhale through your nose, but "sucking in and exhaling" becomes the same as a regular mask with a bracket, and the zero-stuffing effect will become worse.

In addition, you can also "suck in your mouth and spit out your mouth"! If you are really out of breath during exercise and want to inhale through your mouth, since there is a filter material at the air outlet, the inhaled air will also be filtered by the filter material, but the intensity of the filtration will be slightly less than the filter material of the mask cloth body. Therefore, it is recommended that you wait until you are less out of breath, and then use your nose to inhale instead~

The national sports coach's suggestion is that " suck in through the nose and out through the mouth" is the correct way to breathe during exercise. In this way, waste gases from the body's metabolism can be discharged faster. At the same time, the inhaled air is warmed and moistened through the nasal cavity, which can reduce dryness of the throat and constriction of the trachea. Discomfort. Only when the body's demand for oxygen intake is too high and breathing through the nose is not enough, it is recommended to temporarily switch to breathing through the mouth.

OK. For static activities, just using the neck strap is actually fine. But for more strenuous exercise, especially those involving running and jumping, it is recommended that the neck strap and head strap should be fixed well so that they are really stable and will not fall off.

Athlete masks place a filter at the exhalation outlet to effectively prevent exhaled saliva from spilling out. And the filter can also be washed and reused!

Neither. Please refer to the celebrity recommendation in the copy. Ms. Yan wears sports sunglasses! In addition, many national sports players also wear glasses, and there is currently no situation that affects the wearing of glasses. In addition, since the exhaled air is isolated and eliminated, there will naturally be no hot air leaking from the nose and causing the glasses to fog up, so the glasses will not fog up at all!

[Nose Side Pressure Strips]: Athlete masks come with 3 strips when shipped. Generally, with normal use, it is not a problem for one strip to last for a year. And the nasal side pressure strip is an accessory that has been sold by Net Convection for a long time. A pack of 5 strips totals 45 yuan. It can be purchased on the official website, Shopee, and PChome stores.

[Droplet Filter]: It can be washed repeatedly and can be used as long as it is not damaged. However, due to its small size, it is easy to lose, and the exposed filter material is also relatively easy to be damaged. Therefore, Athlete masks are shipped with 3 pieces for consumers to replace. If you have used up all 3 tablets, you can still go back to Net Convection’s official website, Shopee, or PChome to purchase. A pack of 10 tablets only costs 100 yuan.​
For these small accessories that have to be replaced, Net Convection will try its best to offer the best price so that users can buy them without any burden. Please feel free to use them~

All parts of this mask are washable! Before cleaning, please separate the three components of the XFLO system. The total four components including the mask can be "hand washed" directly. It can be used with any non-strong acid and alkali detergent (laundry detergent, soap, shower gel, hand soap... .etc.) to help with cleaning.

It can also be washed in a washing machine, but the breathing space bracket is not suitable for washing in a washing machine and is easily deformed. The three parts other than the stand can be placed in a laundry bag for protection (a hard-shell laundry bag is better for underwear). It is recommended that the mode be set to "soft wash" to avoid some brands of washing machines that have too strong agitation and damage the mask. Then just follow the normal laundry procedures. No matter hand wash or machine wash, just dry it after washing, do not tumble dry!

In addition, if it is not convenient to clean, you want to disinfect the mask. Antibacterial agents such as alcohol or hypochlorous acid water can be sprayed evenly for disinfection. After the antibacterial agent evaporates and dries, the mask's performance will not be affected. Don't worry. But if you continue to use it, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly at least once every one to two weeks!

Generally, we recommend using "cleaning frequency" to roughly estimate the timing of replacing masks. For example, if you use it once a week and wash it every time, it will be washed about 50 times a year, which means it can be used for about four years.​
In addition, it does not become invalid immediately after being washed 200 times. Just because the filtration efficiency will probably drop to the lowest level of CNS15980 anti-haze certification when washed 200 times, so we only claim it reaches 200 times. In fact, the decline in filtration efficiency is gradual and slow. For example, if a new product has a filtration efficiency of 100 points, it will be 60 points after 200 washes. After more than 200 times, the filtration efficiency will be 59, 58, and 57 points and gradually decrease, not 0 points all at once. However, low-priced cloth masks sold in general daily necessities stores have a relative filtration efficiency of less than 10 points, while medical masks have a relative filtration efficiency of 50 points due to poor air tightness. In other words, even if it is washed 200 times, the overall filtration effect alone is still better than these masks!
Therefore, it is recommended that after washing 200 times, if the mask itself is not damaged, please do not throw it away. It is okay to keep it for wearing when the environment is not so dangerous~

The most amazing thing is that it really won’t be stuffy! Because the surface of this mask only inhales and does not exhale, the inside of the mask will be in a negative pressure state. The bracket separates the mask and the face. Every time you inhale, your face will feel a gentle breeze, which is cooler than not wearing a mask!

There is no proof. Please refer to the thermal imaging camera experiment video in the copy. You can find that after wearing the Athlete mask and breathing many times, it still maintains a temperature lower than the skin temperature of the face, and it is a much lower blue color! Look at the clothes on the body in the video. They will balance with the skin temperature and appear orange-red at body temperature, but our masks will not! To put it simply, the Athlete mask does not balance the body temperature during the wearing process, but maintains the temperature of the ambient air, which is relatively cool (of course, if the ambient air temperature is more than 35 degrees higher than the body surface temperature, it will not be worn anyway. It will still feel hot...).

If the neckband is too tight, it will indeed cause increased pressure on the back of the neck and nose. If this happens, you can first try the recommended adjustment method for the nasal pressure strip demonstrated in the video: Click here to watch the video. If there is still no improvement after adjusting the pressure strip according to the video method, it means that the neck strap is really too short for you. You can report it to customer service according to the warranty procedures, and we will send you an extended magic felt for free!

If the neck strap is too long, it will indeed cause the Velcro felt to be misaligned and unable to stick to the top. It can be adjusted in the following two ways:

  1. If you have devil's felt on hand, you can extend the fur side so that it can be attached when it is pulled to the tightest position. As for how to lengthen it, there is a commercially available devil's felt with adhesive backing that can be directly attached to the original devil's felt. If there is no adhesive, you will need to use sewing. When the felt is extended, the excess length can be cut off.
  2. Sew the neck strap where the raw side is located shorter. The recommended sewing method is to sew the neck strap with a fold, so that the length will be shorter, and you can make it longer later.

    Using the above method, if you are not good at sewing and do not have the tools, you can report it to customer service according to the warranty procedure, send the mask back and tell us the length you want to shorten, and we will sew it up for you!

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