Semi-customized solution for masks

Net convection anti-haze mask G3-classic case of semi-customization

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Anti-haze cloth mask All-fit G3

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30 masks can be customized at no extra price!

After the outbreak of the epidemic, masks are still one of the indispensable "accessories" for people to go out. Have you ever thought about wearing a mask of your own design with your classmates, club friends, colleagues, teammates, etc., but you gave up because the minimum order quantity was too high? Your needs are heard! Leading the industry in net convection, the "semi-customized mask" plan is available from now on:

More than 30 pieces can be customized

Taiwan hand-sewn top quality cloth masks

Single use cost is only 2.65 yuan

Reduce carbon emissions by 72%

Logo can be printed in full color and can be varied

There is no extra price for customization, it is even cheaper!

Use All-fit G3 as the base

Create your own mask

What is "semi-customized" ? To put it simply, the style of the mask is fixed, but the logo and totem on the front of the mask can be printed according to customer requirements.

The mask body uses the latest and most popular " All-fit G3 " released by Net Convection! Not only is the filter material the most powerful G3, but the lining is also a "DCP diamond contact invisible bracket" , which makes breathing super smooth! The mask can be washed more than 200 times, and the cost of a single use is less than NT$2.65. It is environmentally friendly and requires no consumables, saving money and convenience. It can also help corporate groups reduce carbon emissions by more than 70% !

On the front of the mask, the surface fabric is fixed with black fine diamond pattern breathable fabric, and the left and right sides are open for printing. The printing method is as follows.

Additional information

Although "semi-customized" masks use All-fit G3 masks as the base, "general customized" masks have a variety of convertible styles! Different styles of masks can be used as the base, and the surface fabric, lining fabric, and even the pattern can be changed. The pattern can also be changed to screen printing, electric embroidery, or hard-type labels. You can refer to our sample page of customized masks or headscarves for multiple brands. Interested brands, event contractors, government agencies, etc. are welcome to contact us for negotiation:

What you need to know about filing

  1. Only AI files are accepted (please downgrade to a version below CS6)
  2. Printing patterns must be legally authorized, otherwise they will not be printed.
  3. Please put the printed image file on the mask's proportional template, and it will be produced according to the size and position of the image file in the file.
  4. Printed images can be printed in full color, but please avoid designs that are too delicate, have too many colors, or have gradients.
  5. Printed images cannot accurately correct color, and there will definitely be a color cast when printed on fabric. Please avoid designs that require color accuracy.
  6. There is no additional charge for printing a single image file. For each additional image or the size of the image file is increased, an additional cost will be charged. Please see the table below for quotation.
  7. If it is impossible to create an AI file, you can provide a jpg or png file with a resolution of 300dpi or above, and Net Convection will assist in making the file. A custom file making fee of RMB 1,000 will be charged.
  8. Prototyping will be carried out before mass production, which can provide "one-time" modification opportunities according to needs. If requested more than once, a sample production fee of RMB 1,000 will be charged each time.

price calculation sheet

  • Note 1: "All masks in a single order must be of the same style" to qualify for the above quotation.
  • Note 2: The mask has left and right sides, and more than one pattern can be printed on each side. Please refer to the filing example below.
  • Note 3: Price example: If you order 100 masks and print a pattern smaller than 12cm2 on both sides of the mask, the unit price of the mask is 530 - 100 (100 pieces) + 30 (one more picture) = 460 yuan, the total price is 460 yuan x 100 pieces = 46,000 yuan.

File OK and NG examples


The default packaging method is: fold each mask neatly in half, put it into a thick transparent self-adhesive bag, and then pack it for shipment , as shown in the left picture below.

If you want to place a lining card inside the thick transparent self-adhesive bag, as shown on the right in the picture below, you need to purchase it at an additional price. The backing card is a 13.5cm x 13.5cm square double-sided matte film card with double-sided printing. One side is fixed for the introduction of net convection technology, and the other side can be designed at will. Please download the lining card template AI file . Use templates to make drawings and then send them to Net Convection for printing and packaging.​

The minimum production quantity of lining cards is 200, and each card costs 10 yuan. Masks can be made for less than 200 masks, but all 200 masks need to be purchased . If you order more than 500 masks, there is no additional charge for the backing card.

Masks can also be packed in cartons or hardcover. For related costs, please write a letter detailing your needs, and Net Convection will quote separately.

Mask semi-customization solution flow chart

For file transfer, specification confirmation, quotation inquiry and other related matters, please contact us by email: When sending letters back and forth, please use "reply to the letter" instead of creating a new email so that the conversation between the two parties can be clearly understood.

From file confirmation to mass production completion, it usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks. If there is an urgent need, please send us a letter to confirm that the delivery date is OK before placing an order.

There are various payment methods, including remittance, online card payment or supermarket payment. A unified invoice can be issued in accordance with the regulations, and a unified invoice can also be issued.

All customized products come with a 6-month product warranty provided by NetConvection, allowing you to buy and use with peace of mind!