Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3

淨對流 Xpure

Anti-PM2.5 Mask - All-fit G3

Sale price$590
  • The ultimate pure black design, classic and versatile.
  • Three sizes: large, medium and small, suitable for various face shapes.
  • Use Xpure Inside washable filter material, which can be washed 200 times without consumables.
  • The G3 version is equipped with a patented DCP diamond contact invisible bracket, which increases the stiffness and allows smooth breathing without collapse.
  • The G3 version uses a special diamond pattern surface cloth, which reduces air resistance by 67%.
  • The G3 version is appropriately enlarged, with better coverage and more breathing space.


Semi-customized solution

Open the "semi-customized plan" of All-fit G3, you can make 30 pieces at no additional price!

G2 version price reduction promotion

This new model is the G3 version. The G2 version is on sale at a reduced price immediately, while supplies last!

Still not sure which size to buy? You can click the button below to download the [equal proportion mask version], print it out and put it on your face to simulate the feeling of wearing it in advance!

common problem

Problems with All-fit G3

All-fit G3 retains the spirit of the All-fit model: "Three sizes, extremely black and versatile", while upgrading the following functions:

  1. Use Xpure Inside G3 filter material (originally G2) for better filtration, more breathability, and more washability!
  2. Equipped with DCP diamond contact invisible bracket to increase stiffness, breathe smoothly and not collapse
  3. Using special diamond-patterned surface cloth, air resistance is reduced by 67%
  4. The version is appropriately enlarged, with better coverage and more breathing space.
  5. Using hemming sewing and adding a silicone logo, the appearance and texture are improved.

Please scroll up. The copy explains how to determine the suitable size by measuring your face shape. You can also refer to the Model's fitting report in the copy to assist in your judgment. If you still can't decide, you can refer to the following suggestions:

  • Boys or girls of medium build (those with small faces will not be particularly described as those with small faces) are right to choose M.
  • Boys who are tall or have thicker faces usually buy one size larger hat, so choose L
  • Girls who are petite or who are often said to have small faces will feel a little loose when wearing ordinary medical masks, so choose S

If you still don’t know what size to choose after reading this, you can click on the link below to download the “proportional mask version”. Print it in A4 format without changing the proportions . You can cut it out and compare it with your own face to more accurately choose the size that suits you! All-fit G3 L size version download , All-fit G3 M size version download , All-fit G3 S size version download

The ear straps of the All-fit model are made of elastic fabric woven in a tubular shape. They do not contain rubber threads, so they are less likely to deteriorate. However, the elasticity will gradually become worse. After all, it is physically too difficult for elastomers to maintain their elasticity permanently. Too demanding. Therefore, the ear straps of the All-fit model are also removable and can be replaced by yourself. You can get new ear straps for an additional 15 yuan when shopping on the Net Convection official website. As for the replacement method, please refer to the instructional video on disassembling and assembling earbands and loops .

As shown in the picture below, please use iron wire (hairpins or paper clips, etc.) to pass through the hole of the collar first, then wrap the wire around the two ear straps, and then pull the wire and the two ear straps out of the hole of the collar and you are done. Or you can refer to the instructional videos or instructional pages we shot.

The recommended number of cleanings is 200 times. The average person washes it about three days or once a week, so it can be used for about two years without any problem. The more recommended cleaning method is "gentle hand washing". After all, the cleaning intensity of the washing machine in everyone's home is different. In addition, you can add general neutral detergent (cold detergent, hand soap, shower gel, etc.) to assist cleaning, or you can wring it out and dry it, but do not dry or iron it!

If you want to wash it in the washing machine, it's no problem. Please put it in a laundry bag for protection. And if possible, please set the washing and dehydration modes to gentle washing, which will be safer. In addition, please be careful not to twist the wire on the upper edge of the mask too much when wringing it out to avoid the wire from breaking due to undue stress.

If it is inconvenient to wash with water, you can also use disinfectant/bactericide such as alcohol or hypochlorous acid water to spray evenly, which will not affect the filtration of the mask. You can wear it again after it is air-dried.

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