Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0
Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0

淨對流 Xpure

Anit-PM2.5 Headwear V2.0

Sale price$890
  • Using Xpure Inside G2, it can be washed 200 times without consumables.
  • Introducing Origami technology, you can enjoy high adhesion without pressure strips.
  • The single use cost is only 4.45 yuan.
  • The mouth and nose adopt MCS micro-cavity structure, which is 3D breathable and moisture-wicking, and will not be blocked by sweating.
  • The headscarf fabric is made of Coolbest II Lycra elastic fabric, which is cool, comfortable and full of color.
  • The highest grade UPF 50+ anti-UV, silver ion antibacterial and deodorant, and 3M moisture wicking treatment.
  • Hidden ear straps will not slip off during intense exercise.
Variation:Lime Strings


This model has been fully upgraded to version V2.1! The exclusive "origami three-dimensional structure" is introduced to increase air tightness by 60%, making it more comfortable and easy to breathe!

common problem

About the difficult and complicated diseases of anti-burial magic headscarf-V2.1

Anti-haze magic headscarf V2.1 has been upgraded with the following points:

  1. Xpure nano protective layer is the second generation and can pass CNS15980 level B (G1 is level D).
  2. It adopts MCS micro-cavity moisture removal system, which has several times better breathability and sweat wicking effect, making it more suitable for sports use.
  3. Made of Coolbest II temperature-controlled fabric, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture-wicking and has a more saturated and delicate color.
  4. The nano protective layer adopts a thermal lamination process and introduces the "origami technology" process, which does not require layering and has high air density.

There is also a triathlon rider in our team (high five~), and his answer is: "This product is only suitable for use in the aerobic zone. When attacking uphill or racing for seconds, oxygen intake is everything! Anyone who can Get out of here if you sacrifice your air intake! But when going downhill or on flat ground, especially in urban areas, industrial areas, or right behind a truck, please pull on your magic hood to protect your precious lungs.”

The detection conditions for N95 are: non-oily particles (sub-micron sodium chloride) with a particle size of 0.075 micron CMD (equal to 0.26 micron MMD), and a flow rate of 85 L/min. Regardless of the mask brand, as long as the test result reaches more than 95%, it is what everyone often calls an N95 grade mask. The test result of this magic headscarf is 86.6%, which is about 90% of the success rate of N95. But the measurement results after washing will be very different! Disposable N95 masks are not resistant to washing, and may even damage holes after washing; however, this magic bandana can be washed repeatedly, and it still has a certain filtering effect after being washed 200 times. For detailed test data, please refer to the test report page .

General medical-grade masks mainly use "germs" as the test target for filtration efficiency, but anti-haze masks use "sub-micron sodium chloride" as the test target for particle pollutants in the air. The two standards are different. However, purely in terms of their ability to combat PM2.5, the two levels are similar. However, medical-grade masks are electrostatically disposable, have a weak structure, and poor air tightness. They cannot withstand water washing or strong air flux, and their filtration efficiency is also poor. Not lasting. Therefore, it is only recommended for use indoors for epidemic prevention. Generally speaking, our products have better filtration capabilities!

Yes, the raw materials and processing are all completed locally in Taiwan.

Currently it is a single size, about 24cm wide and 50cm long when spread out. Because the hijab itself is very elastic, it can fit most adult face shapes. But for women or children with smaller faces, it may be too loose and easy to slip off. Therefore, starting from November 2018, all magic headscarves officially sold by Net Convection have added [hidden comfortable ear straps], which can help the headscarf be fixed on the cheeks and effectively solve the problem of slipping.

The recommended number of cleanings is 200 times. The average person washes it about three days or once a week, so it can be used for about two years without any problem. The recommended cleaning method is "gentle hand washing". After all, the cleaning intensity of the washing machine in everyone's home is different. In addition, you can add general neutral detergent (cold detergent, hand soap, shower gel, etc.) to assist cleaning, or you can wring it out and dry it, but do not dry or iron it!
If you still want to wash it in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a laundry bag for protection (hard-shell type is better), and set the cleaning and dehydration modes to gentle washing, which will be safer.

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