Face Mask Folder
Face Mask Folder
Face Mask Folder
Face Mask Folder
Face Mask Folder

淨對流 Xpure

Face Mask Folder

Sale price$390
  • Fast | Less than three seconds, extremely fast charging
  • Safety I Don’t touch the mask, don’t touch your hands
  • Hygienic | Can be flattened, easy to wash and dry
  • Thoughtful | Spare mask, isolation layer
  • Convenience | Attached pocket, expansion card
  • Suitable for both cloth and disposable masks

📢Purchase through "Purchase with Discount and Add Price", and the fully equipped set is only 30% off!


common problem

Difficulties and complications about the mask quick accessory holder

Cloth masks and disposable masks of common shapes are suitable. Not applicable include: masks that extend from the chin to the chest to cover the neck (too bulky), hard-shell N95 masks (cannot be folded), sports masks with ear straps that extend to the back of the head and are fixed with Velcro (ear straps The extension is too bulky).

The accessories set of the travel clip includes: matte black metal quick buckle, elastic telescopic pull buckle, and thin leather shoulder strap, a total of three accessories. The unit price of the travel clip is 390 yuan, and the unit price of the accessory set is 190 yuan. If you buy both together, you can use the "Add Price Purchase" function in the shopping cart to buy the travel clip and add the accessory set, and the total price is only 480 yuan! (The additional purchase price for the accessory set is 90 yuan)

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