Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3
Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3

淨對流 Xpure

Anti-PM2.5 Mask - Urban G3

Sale price$790

#This model has received over 10 million pre-orders on the Tut Tut crowdfunding platform! The largest amount of crowdfunding in Taiwan’s history for mask products.

  • Equipped with Xpure Inside G2 washable filter material, it is environmentally friendly and requires no consumables.
  • HDS heat removal system: air valve + cooling cloth + breathable mesh.
  • The industry's first replaceable nose pressure strip.
  • Created by a fashion designer, it is a three-dimensional cut that modifies the face shape.
  • Lycra-wrapped fabric extends the ear straps for a neat look and comfort.
Variation:Twilight Black(G2)


G2 version price reduction promotion

This page is an introduction to the G2 version. To view the introduction to the latest G3 version, please click the button below:


(Purely hand-sewn, plus or minus 0.5 cm is within the normal error range. Returns and exchanges cannot be requested within the error, please forgive me.)

common problem

Problems with Urban G2

The Urban model, All-fit model and Beauty model use the same Xpue nano protective layer G2, which all pass CNS15980 B level, so the filtration effect is the same, and of course they can also withstand 200 times of water washing! The basic model uses G1 filter material, which passes CNS15980 D level. It has a slightly inferior protective effect, but it is sufficient for use in general environments.

The main differences are as follows:

  1. It has HDS heat removal system (breathable mesh + cooling lining + exhaust valve), which makes it cooler and more breathable.
  2. The nose pressure strip is of removable design for easy replacement.
  3. The ear straps are extended with Lycra soft-edged fabric, making them more comfortable and durable.
  4. The ear straps are adjusted with Japanese-shaped rings, which are beautiful and have no redundant edges.

There is a gap in the "lower right corner" of the pressure strip pocket on the inner upper edge of the mask, through which the pressure strip can be inserted or removed. In each Urban mask package, in addition to the mask body, a pressure strip is placed inside. If you need to purchase more pressure strips in the future, they will be sold on the Net Convection official website and PChome! ​* How to replace the bead, please click: Bead replacement video

The exhaust valve is composed of three parts: base, valve plate and upper cover, all three parts are indispensable. The air valve is fixed on the mask with a clip, and the upper cover can be pulled out by rotating it. Please click here to watch the disassembly and assembly instruction video of the air valve. When the air valve is damaged or part of it is dropped and lost, you can purchase a new set of air valves from the Net Convection official website or Shopee store to replace them, and you can continue to use them.

Net convection masks can be washed two hundred times and still maintain good filtration efficiency. Urban models can be washed directly without removing the pressure strips and air valves during cleaning. The recommended washing method is "gentle hand washing". You can use any non-strong acid and alkali detergent (laundry detergent, soap, shower gel, hand soap, etc.) to help clean it. If you want to use a washing machine to wash, please put it in a laundry bag for protection, and it is recommended to set the mode to "gentle wash" to avoid some brands of washing machines that have too strong agitation force and damage the structure of the mask. Just dry it after washing, do not tumble dry.

For sizing issues of the Urban model, please see: Urban model sizing video

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